Interested in upping your golf game? Never played much golf and want a little help getting started? Suntree Country Club offers private lessons and group clinics for all age groups and all levels of expertise. Allow us to work with you to turn you into the best golfer you can be!

A one-on-one format working on various aspects of the game including: full swing mechanics, short game skills, on course coaching, fitness and the mental side of the game. Two & a half hour series, one-hour and half-hour lessons are available.
Steve Lamontagne & Steve Ford                                   Marcus Shalley & Bret Rhodes
½ Hour $50                                                                                      ½ Hour $45
1 Hour $80                                                                                       1 Hour $70
Adult Series (2.5 Hours) $200                                                      Adult Series (2.5 Hours) $180
Junior Series (2.5 Hours) $165                                                    Junior Series (2.5 Hours) $150


Two students sharing a lesson.
Steve Lamontagne Steve Ford                         Marcus Shalley& Bret Rhodes
½ Hour $60                                                                                       ½ Hour $50
1 Hour $90                                                                                        1 Hour $80
Adult Series (2.5 Hours) $240                                                       Adult Series (2.5 Hours) $210
Junior Series (2.5 Hours) $180                                                     Junior Series (2.5 Hours) $165


On-course coaching will help you with playing strategies, including shot selection, target selection, various lies and the ever important short game options.
Steve Lamontagne & Steve Ford                           Marcus Shalley& Bret Rhodes
$175                                                                                                       $150


Organize your own group and pick your own topic. An hour program can be designed to cover the topic of your choice. Short game or full swing fundamentals can be covered.
Steve Lamontagne